Classic Hobbies

Coming Soon

DUE TO A DEATH IN THE FAMILY I WILL BE AWAY FROM THIS PAGE AND FACEBOOK FOR LONGER THAN EXPECTED. SO SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE. I'm in the midst of packing up my store to move everything to a storage location because I'm closing my physical store and moving out of the building. So I've had to close this website until I get everything moved and unpacked in the storage building. We're also dealing with a staffing crisis in our other retail business so I may be working at a feed store until we can find help. Yikes !! Please be patient ... we're paddling as hard as we can ! As soon as I get everything moved and inventoried, I'll reopen the website and add more clearance stock . Eventually, I'll be posting card kits and custom cut items on Facebook (Classic Hobbies) and you can reach me there if you have any questions. I check it every few days.