Shipping is the hardest part !

I have tried to come up with every scenario/price range possible. I want shipping to be fair for both of us. Most orders over $150 (pretax) qualify for FREE SHIPPING. (Clearance items do not count towards the $150)

I have made shipping one of the categories so I could post photos of sample packages so you can see what will ship in the different sized options. Just review, choose the best one for you, and add it to your shopping cart.

Don't worry ! If I can fit the order in a smaller parcel for less, I will and I'll refund the difference to you !

If you aren't sure about the shipping, you can message me for a quote or send the order and choose "Bill me for shipping". Again, I will always use the most economical way. 

PICK UP - FREE ! You can pick up your parcel at the store (163 Main Street Middleton, NS) on Fridays or at our Feed Store (right behind the store) Mon-Fri 10-5 and Saturdays 9-12. 

FREE SHIPPING - orders that are $150 (pre tax) will ship for free in most cases. The exception is Clearance items. 

HOLD FOR $150 - FREE SHIPPING - you can make multiple smaller purchases and ask me to hold them. When they total $150(pretax),, I'll ship them off to you for FREE !! 

If you and your friends send orders but ask for them all to go to one address, and they total more than $150(pretax), I'll bag them up individually and label them but pack them all in the same box for FREE SHIPPING

 CLEARANCE -  clearance items don't count towards the free shipping total. They will be discounted enough that I can't really pay the shipping too. But you will really save on them ! (They will be marked as not being included in free shipping) . You can purchase these items and just ask that they be held and placed in a box. There are several different sized options to choose from for shipping.