About us ...

Hi ! My name is Pam and I am the owner, operator, and  "Employee of the Month" (every month !) at Classic Hobbies. My coworker is Scout but she mainly sleeps in the sunny window.

I opened the store back in 1997 with my husband Charlie selling needlework, models & trains, and dollhouses. Beads came along after a few years. The next addition was framing which we did for many years. We then purchased my family's feed store and Charlie turned his attention to the feed business. I decided I needed a change and some downsizing so I closed out the needlework & framing and  expanded the bead business. When I became interested in paper crafting and mixed media, I added those supplies . A few years ago we purchased a laser cutter and some large die cutting equipment so I'm hoping to add other products soon. 

I love all the products available for making jewelry & paper crafting. Well, who am I  kidding ... I love everything ! I especially enjoy designing kits and assembling materials  that work well together.  So that is what I hope to get back to once I get this site up and running. And you'll see the products here as soon as I do ! 

I hope you'll take a good look through the site. This is just a start ... I have oodles of product to add. Keep checking back - I'll be adding stock on a weekly basis. My newsletter will be starting soon so you can also sign up for that. Next on the list is finding my video camera and making more how to videos. I have so many plans ... I just need to find the time to check them all off the list. Stay tuned. 

** I try to have accurate inventory numbers but I can't promise there will never be a typing error or a miscount. I'll do my best ! 

Please contact me if you have any questions or need any assistance.